Olympus Releases E-450 Incorporating Art Filters 2009-03-31

World's slimmest, smallest*1 D-SLR with comfortable Live View photography
Olympus Releases E-450 Incorporating Art Filters

Olympus Imaging Corporation (President Masaharu Okubo) today announced the E-450, the world's slimmest, smallest*1 interchangeable-lens-type digital SLR camera. Featuring Art Filters for creative photography, the E-450 is scheduled for release in May 2009.

<Main Features>

  1. New easy-to-use Art Filters for creative photography anytime, anywhere
  2. High-Speed Imager AF for responsive AF Live View photography
  3. World's slimmest, smallest*1 body makes this compact, lightweight camera easy to take along when travelling or on daily outings
  4. Shadow Adjustment Control (SAT) for beautifully balanced exposure of human faces in the foreground and scenery in the background

The E-450 is the world's slimmest, smallest*1 digital SLR camera. Its compact design achieved through further refinement of the E-420 digital SLR camera (released in April 2008), which has been widely praised for its excellent portability and picture quality.
But what makes this slim D-SLR really special is its new Art Filter function, which makes it possible for users to take advantage of unique creative photographic effects previously possible only using special lenses, optical filters and/or complex image processing. Three different Art Filters are provided: "Pop Art" for vividly enhanced colours; "Soft Focus" to create ethereal images with soft tones; and "Pin Hole" which reduces peripheral brightness to create a unique and unusual image.
The E-450 also incorporates the High-Speed Imager AF*2. A big hit on the E-420, this smart, fast AF makes Live View shooting as easy as a with compact digital camera.
Despite being the world's slimmest, smallest D-SLR, the E-450 still has room for an ergonomically designed grip to ensure it can be held firmly, making it ideal for users who want to take quick snapshots of subjects encountered in daily life, as well as for those who want to record the memories of a journey in beautiful pictures without being bothered by heavy luggage.
The Shadow Adjustment Control (SAT) renders both human faces and the background scenery clearly, achieving the optimum balance by adjusting the exposure of each part of the picture. This works in conjunction with the face detection function, which detects up to 8 human faces and adjusts autofocusing to assure that all are properly focused.
With its high picture quality, high functionality and excellent portability, the E-450 is a digital SLR camera that can satisfy anyone, from the novice who wants to experience the pleasures of serious photography to the experienced enthusiast who wants a more portable camera that still offers the power and flexibility they are used to.

  • *1. Among interchangeable lens type digital SLR cameras as of March 31st. , 2009 (in-house research).
  • *2. As of March 2009, if a lens other than the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm f4.0-5.6, ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6, 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 II, ED 40-150mm f4.0-5.6 and 25mm f2.8 is used with the E-450, the AF uses 3 distance-measuring points and is performed again when the shutter button is pressed fully. To use the High-Sped Imager AF, the ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 and ED 40-150mm f4.0-5.6 require the firmware updating to Ver. 1.1 or higher (the ED 70-300mm f4.0-5.6 needs firmware Ver. 1.2 or higher). For details on the lens compatibility, please consult the Olympus Imaging website.

E-450(with ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6)

E-450 (Rear view)

Main Feature Details

1. New easy-to-use Art Filters for creative photography anytime, anywhere

The E-450 not only reproduces images with excellent fidelity – its Art Filters make it possible for users to take pictures that reproduce the unique images conceived in their own mind. Now just anyone can easily take advantage of creative photographic techniques that ordinarily require the use of special lenses, add-on filters, or complex computer image processing. Three Art Filters are provided:

Pop Art

Emphasizes colours and creates bright, vibrant images with a pop-art tone.

Soft Focus

Gives images a light, ethereal look and evokes a dreamy, mystical mood.

Pin Hole

Finishes images in a unique colour tone by lowering the peripheral brightness as if they were shot with a toy camera.

2. High-Speed Imager AF for responsive AF Live View photography

The E-450 is equipped with the AF Live View system, which enables autofocusing without having to retract the camera's main mirror during Live View shooting. Autofocusing uses the High-Speed Imager AF, which detects the contrast value on the image sensor and adjusts focusing by moving the lens to the position where the peak contrast is obtained. As a result, Live View shooting is as easy and carefree as it is with a compact digital camera, without performing any switching operation.

3. World's slimmest, smallest* body makes this compact, lightweight camera easy to take along when travelling or on daily outings

As with the E-420 last year, we achieved the world's slimmest, smallest D-SLR camera body by choosing the right components and materials and optimizing the E-450's layout and design. To ensure compatibility between maximum resistance to shock and damage and minimum size and weight, the circuit boards use a flexible structure that facilitates optimum layout, while the camera's internal box structure is constructed with high-strength engineering resin and a thick metallic frame for outstanding durability. An ergonomically designed grip allows the user to hold the camera comfortably and securely.

* Among interchangeable lens type digital SLR cameras as of March 31st., 2009 (in-house research).

4. Shadow Adjustment Control (SAT) for beautifully balanced exposure of human faces in the foreground and scenery in the background

The E-450's face detection function detects up to 8 faces at a time and automatically adjusts the AF and AE settings optimally. This works in conjunction with the SAT, which controls exposure for the faces in the foreground and scenery in the background, assuring sharp, clear, more natural-looking pictures. Even when shooting against the light, faces can be optimally exposed without over-exposing the background.

Other Feature Details

• New TruePic III+ image processing engine with more advanced functions

The newly developed TruePic III+ image processing engine features improvements in imaging, gradation representation and colour reproduction capabilities and also (via the new Art Filter function) supports a rich range of creative expression.

 Art Filter function

The Art Filter function adds artistic effects to images by analyzing the scene the user is about to shoot, regulating shooting parameters, and optimally applying artistic processing programs.

• New mode dial designed for quick access to Art Filters

The mode dial's design has been updated to support the newly incorporated Art Filter function. The new mode dial features an ART/SCN position for quick access to the Art Filters.

• Large 2.7-inch HyperCrystal II LCD monitor for improved visibility during Live View shooting and picture playback

The E-450's 2.7-inch HyperCrystal II LCD monitor is equivalent to that of E-30, featuring higher luminosity, higher definition, and a sharper image, improving visibility during both Live View shooting and when playing back recorded pictures. The monitor's wide viewing angle of 176° in all directions allows users to easily view the monitor image from any angle. Image reproduction in Live View shooting and picture playback is further improved by an anti-reflection multi-coating and easy-to-use colour temperature adjustment that works the same way as a traditional brightness adjustment control.

• 10-megapixel Live MOS Sensor

The E-450 uses a 10-megapixel Live MOS Sensor for image capturing that enables accurate reproduction of details with high resolution and natural, vivid colours. The sensor features a wide dynamic range to ensure richer, subtler gradations, giving images a natural, true-to-life appearance.

• Reliable dust reduction system

Even the tiniest particles of dust and dirt — whether they enter the camera when changing lenses or are produced inside the body by friction between moving shutter mechanism parts — can show up in a photo and ruin the shot if they adhere to the low-pass filter or the image sensor. Olympus was quick to recognize and overcome the threat that dust presents to digital SLR image quality by equipping the E-Series cameras including the E-450 with a dust reduction system. In this system, an SSWF (Super-Sonic Wave Filter) system is installed before the image sensor and vibrates at supersonic speeds to dislodge dust and dirt every time the main power or Live View are switched on, and the dust absorber traps the dislodged dust and dirt. With the E-450's powerful dust reduction system, even tiny particles that are tightly bound by molecular attraction and cannot be removed by simple shaking or anti-static measures can be dislodged and trapped.

• Fast 3.5 frames-per-sec. sequential shooting

Sequential shooting performance has been improved to 3.5 frames per second. Now it is easier to capture the best moment from a fast moving scene or different facial expressions that change from one instant to the next.

• Built-in flash with wireless flash control

The powerful built-in flash incorporates a commander function for combined operation with wireless flashes, a feature already proven on Olympus's flagship D-SLR, the E-3. When the FL-50R and/or FL-36R external flashes are used, multiple flashes can be controlled without either connection cables or an external commander. Settings (including flash mode and intensity) for up to 3 groups of remote flashes can be adjusted on the LCD panel on the back of the camera.

• Perfect Shot Preview function to compare the results of various effects before actual shooting

Before actually taking a picture, the user can use Perfect Shot Preview to display four images with different compensation/adjustment settings on the LCD monitor and select the preferred image from among them. The two settings that can be checked are exposure compensation and white balance. Being able to check and compare the effects of various settings in advance make it much easier for users to obtain exactly the image they want.

• Super Control Panel with excellent visibility and operability

The Super Control Panel displays the shooting and setting data on the LCD and features a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for quick, intuitive operation using cross-cursor and OK buttons. Settings are easy to make and easy to check, minimizing mistakes and confusion.

  • * The company names and product names specified in this release are the trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.



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