Three-microphone system TRESMIC records high quality sound across a wide frequency range

The three microphone system TRESMIC is built into this recorder. This system combines high-performance stereo microphones with a centre microphone that covers the low frequencies, enabling recording across a wide frequency range, with exceptionally good balance. The recording of natural, spacious stereo sound is made possible by placing the stereo microphones angled outward at 90 degrees.

Built-in three-microphone system TRESMIC facilitates recording of wide frequency range

TRESMIC featuring a total of three microphones has a centre microphone that covers the low frequency range in addition to two high-performance stereo microphones. A recording frequency range of 70Hz to 20,000Hz is achieved with two microphones, but employing the three-microphone system TRESMIC results in a recording frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz. This enables recording with an excellent balance.

  • Frequency response of built-in microphones

Natural, spacious stereo sound obtained by 90-degree outward-facing stereo microphones on the left and right

To get the most out of basic performance, frequency response and directional characteristics, an emphasis was placed on the size of the microphone casings and the shape of openings. The 90-degree outward-facing microphone units on the left and right achieve a stereo sound with a natural ambience.

High-sensitivity microphone amplifier circuits reduce interference by isolating circuits and boards

The control system and audio system boards have been separated to reduce interference noise.

New high-quality sound engine (codec)

High-quality sound engine developed by Wolfson

This recorder employs the latest version of the Wolfson sound engine (codec). Specifically developed for portable devices, it has a proven track record in the world of premium audio equipment. This latest technology has dramatically improved sound reproduction, enabling faithful recording and playback of sound, across a broad range of frequencies.

Useful functions

Support for various recording formats (linear PCM, MP3, and WMA)

Different recording formats can be selected according to purpose. Support is included for the non-compression linear PCM format as well as the MP3 and WMA formats.

4GB internal memory and also epuipped with a micro SD card slot.

In addition to 4GB of internal memory, the recorder also has a microSD card slot. This allows you greater capacity to save, depending on the application.

Noise cancellation function enabling the clear playback of voice recordings

The noise cancellation function removes background noise, making voice recordings easier to hear during playback.

  • The noise cancellation function cannot be used with the slow/fast playback function.

Various mode settings and repeat function

You can play back voice files at different speeds without affecting the pitch or play back one section repeatedly.

EUPHONY MOBILE produces natural, realistic sound without degrading quality

The latest EUPHONY MOBILE surround system achieves more realistic sound, excelling at the creation of creating natural uncompressed sound. This is sound that is easy for listeners to absorb, preventing stress or strain whilst listening to inferior sound file formats. You can set EUPHONY to restore and expand sound that has been compressed and degraded for purposes such as downloading. You can enjoy sound close to the original because of the well balanced supplementation of high frequencies and the rich extending the low frequencies.

Partial delete and file split

You can delete unnecessary parts from files and divide files.

Index mark function for finding the places you wish to hear quickly

If you add index marks to a file, you will be able to quickly find the places you want to hear with fast-forward and rewind or the file skip operation.

Voice guide function for notifying of operating conditions by voice

This convenient feature gives audio announcements of recorder operating conditions.

Timer recording and alarm playback for automatically starting recording or playback at a set time

Timer recording and alarm playback are also supported.

Intro playback convenient for finding a file you wish to hear

If you align the cursor with a file in a folder, this function can play back the first few seconds at the beginning of the file. This is convenient for finding a certain file when there is a large number of files.

Rechargeable via a USB connection with a PC

You can conveniently recharge the battery by connecting the recorder to the USB port of a PC.

Support for optional remote control RS30W

You can use the dedicated remote control RS30W (sold separately) to start and stop recording remotely.

Set the recording scene according to conditions with intuitive operation aided by illustration display

Recording settings that match the recording scene or conditions can be selected by holding down the menu button and then selecting from the Lecture, Conference, Business meetings, and Dictation templates. What's more, you can save up to three recording scenes customised according to purpose.

Voice filter for making voice easy to hear

A filter cuts the low and high frequencies to clearly emphasise your target voice making it is easy to hear during playback. You are also able to adjust playback speed, enabling you to listen to recordings quickly or slowly if required.

Other advanced features

Other advanced features include a low-cut filter for eliminating extraneous noise, three microphone sensitivity settings, a scene mode for setting your recording according to particular environments and VCVA for voice activated commencement of recording. Also, V-Sync. Recording and voice guidance enables operation even when you cannot see the display.

Olympus Sonority software for easily managing and editing voice files

The recorder comes with the sound editing software Olympus Sonority. This software allows you to edit audio data on a PC. Newly added features include a voice playback function for skipping the sections with no sound during playback and a shortcut key assignment function.

Received Colour Universal Design certification

Designed to be easy to use for many people, regardless of individual differences in colour perception.

Environment-friendly product

This product clears the Olympus Eco-Products Standards established pursuant to the Type II environmental label stipulations in the international standard ISO 14021.


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