Well thought out design for intuitive use

The DP-311 employs a well thought out design for maximum ease of use. From capturing daily memos to recording important conversations, this device is as easy to use as a notepad.

  1. Mode dial
  2. SD card slot
  3. Large-diameter microphone with high-quality sound
  4. External microphone jack
  5. High-power speaker
  6. Stand for recording

Mode dial to improve usability

This recorder has three modes based on the purposes to ensure users to easily make the best recording. Operability has also been markedly improved by the adoption of a dial.

  1. Conversation: This is the optimal mode for recording things like the instructions of a doctor at a hospital or everyday conversation.
  2. Music: This is the optimal mode for recording relatively loud sound such as musical instrument or singing lessons.
  3. Dictation: This is the optimal mode for recoding things like memos and shopping lists that you would normally write on a notepad.

Useful in a variety of situations

Record conversations
Recording format: mp3 44.1kHz/64kbps
Microphone sensitivity High

For recording the explanation from your doctor. It can be very important to record your doctor's diagnosis to keep as a personal memo and to help explain to your family. Just set the mode dial to the conversation mark to smoothly record the voice without any worries.

For singing practice

Record singing
Recording format: mp3 44.1kHz/64kbps
Microphone sensitivity Low

When you want to record loud sounds such as singing lessons, just set the mode dial to the music mark to enable recording with the optimal settings.

For daily memos

Record dictation
Recording format: mp3 16kHz/24kbps
Microphone sensitivity Low

To record simple things that you do not want to forget during your daily life, just set the dial to the dictation mark and you will be able to begin recording immediately. (This recorder has a large speaker to make it easy to hear your memos when you play them back.)

Slot for using SD cards instead of cassette tapes

A slot is included for SD cards. SD cards not only allow you to save your important recordings and memories in a similar way to cassette tapes but also allow you to store a large amount of data in a compact form. Unlike with magnetic tapes, the quality of sound recorded on SD (SDHC) cards does not deteriorate due to environmental and storage conditions. SD cards are also convenient for exchanging data and different cards can be used for different content.

Intuitive and easy-to-understand large buttons (Play/Stop/Rec)

These buttons enable intuitive operation very similar to that of an analogue cassette recorder. The Play/OK, Stop, and Rec icon buttons are placed in the centre of the body where they are easy to see and operate. This allows you to perform basic operations easily.

Easy-to-view large LCD screen and large characters

The large LCD screen is 1.5 times larger than that of the previous model (DP-211). This enables information to be displayed with large characters for great readability. Well-received calendar search function now supports monthly view, making it even easier to use.

Stand for reducing noise from the surface where the recorder is placed

The stand at the back of the body reduces noise picked up from the surface when the recorder is placed directly on a tabletop. It can also be folded neatly into the body when not in use.

Exceptional high level of functionality

The DP-311 is not merely for recording voice but is also packed with excellent functions to make your life more comfortable.

Calendar search function for finding files easily

Any recording you wish to listen to can be found easily using the calendar function that searches for voice data by the date and time it was recorded.

  • Press the Search/Menu button on the side of the body.
    1. Search/Menu button
  • Select recorded data by date
  • Plays back through speaker

Voice memo function for managing your schedule with voice recordings

The DP-311 includes a convenient voice memo function. It allows users to record quick memos to a specific date selecting from the calendar. Then you can listen to schedules recorded as voice memos by simply confirming with the check mark in the calendar.

  1. Date with normal recording is underlined.
  2. Date with memo recording has a triangle at the top left.
  3. Easy to identify today's date and the selected date.

Noise cancellation function for powerful noise reduction

The noise cancellation function removes noise during playback. This makes voice recorded in a location where there is noise from an air conditioner, projector, or other device easier to hear when played back.

Convenient fast/slow playback function

The playback speed can be adjusted with just one button. This allows you to clearly hear your recordings at the desired speed.

Reliable high-quality sound

Every effort has been put into ensuring the performance of standard features. This model is equipped with a large microphone to achieve high quality sound and a large diameter speaker to make it easier to hear voice recordings.

Microphone with even higher quality sound

A large microphone enables clear recording. With a wide frequency response of 70 Hz to 11 kHz, the sound quality of the microphone is even better than that of the previous model (DP-211). High quality recording makes it easier to hear what was said when you play them back.

High-power speaker for listening with others

For a portable recorder, the speaker that has been incorporated is large by comparison. This speaker can output sound at a high volume, so you can listen to your recordings with other people.

2 GB internal memory for storing a large volume of data

Large 2 GB memory enables you to use this recorder without worrying about recording space.

Low power consumption design enables maximum of 81 hours of recording

This recorder consumes even less power. A maximum of 81 hours of recording is now possible.

Microphone input jack allows you to record telephone conversations if you use an optional accessory

There is an external microphone jack so you can also easily record telephone conversations if you use the Telephone Pickup TP8, an optional microphone for recording telephone conversations.


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