Anyone can record high-quality recordings easily

Smart mode for configuring the best settings automatically

Select smart mode to automate manual recording level adjustment. If you play the loudest part of the performance while the recorder is counting down, the recorder will automatically configure the best settings. Recording will start automatically after the countdown finishes. This mode enables anyone to easily create professional quality recordings.

The mode dial allows you to quickly change to different modes

Large screen and user-friendly GUI

The effort put into creating an easy-to-understand graphical user interface (GUI) has made recording intuitive even for users who have never used a recorder before. The home screen and various other screens are designed to display just the necessary information in a visible manner.

  • Home screen displayed at power-on
    The simple design ensures even beginners will have no problem starting recording.
  • Menu screen
    Intuitive and easy-to-understand icons have been adopted.
  • Recording screen
    Only the information that is actually necessary is displayed. The appearance is now much simpler.
  • Screen for selection with dial
    An explanation is displayed for each mode. This improves usability, especially for beginners.
  • Tuner (meter) screen
    Marks indicate the major/minor third intervals in just intonation.
  • Tuner (waveform) screen

Easy-to-use folder structure eliminates the need to select a folder before recording

There is no longer need to select a folder before recording because all recordings are saved to the Recorder folder. Furthermore, you can manage recordings by creating arbitrarily named folders on a PC, and then moving or copying the files to the folders.

Refined design facilitating simple operation

Stand Clip that can be attached to music stands and the like is included

It can also be used as is as a stand. It is a convenient accessory.

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