Useful functions

Support for optional remote control RS30W

You can use the dedicated remote control RS30W (sold separately) to start and stop recording remotely.

Support for optional Windshield WJ4 for reducing wind noise

This model is compatible with the WJ4 Windshield, which uses high-density fibreto reduce low-frequency wind noise by about 20dB.

Low-cut filter to cut out the noise of air conditioners and other devices

A low-cut filter function enables clearer recording of voice by cutting low-frequency sounds during recording. It reduces noise from air conditioners, projectors, and other devices.

Pre-recording function for recording from two seconds before the start of recording

Pre-recording is a function for continuing recording from up to two seconds before the start of recording. For example, when recording a small bird singing, this function will start recording up to two seconds before the bird starts singing if you press the recording button the moment the bird starts singing.

BWF support for adding the date and time of creation to recording files. (PCM)

Files recorded in the PCM (WAV) format correspond to BWF (Broadcast Wave Format), and each recording file is stamped with the date and time being recorded.

Playback speed adjustable between 50% and 300% without altering the pitch

The playback speed can be changed between 50% and 300% without altering the pitch of playback.

Function for setting an interval to skip or reverse-skip

Skip and reverse-skip playback can be used to jump by a preset time interval within the file. This is a convenient way to quickly move the playback position or repeat the playback of a short phrase.

Convenient file splitting function

A PCM (WAV) file can be split with one touch during recording. While recording is stopped, you can split a file by specifying the split position. This feature is convenient for managing files (PCM/MP3) that have become large in size.

Moving and copying files between internal memory and SD card

Files saved in the internal memory or an SD card can be moved or copied within the memory. Files can also be moved or copied between memory. You can also copy a single selected file or select multiple files and then copy them.

LINE IN jack for recording voice from another device

Voice from another device can be recorded via the LINE IN jack.

Voice guidance for announcements of recorder operating conditions

This feature gives audio announcements of recorder operating conditions. You can adjust the speed and volume.

Convenient case

The recorder comes with a convenient carrying case.


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