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Recording formats

Recording formats WMA (Windows Media Audio) format

Sampling frequency

WMA format 64kbps/32kbps: 44.1kHz
5kbps: 8kHz

Maximum headphone output

When 16Ω load 3mW+3mW


Built-in NAND flash memory 2GB
  • Some of the memory is used as a management area, so the amount of memory that can actually be used will be less.


Type ØBuilt-in 28mm dynamic speaker
Maximum working output 320mW (8Ω speaker)


Microphone jack Ø3.5mm, impedance 2kΩ
Earphone jack Ø3.5mm, impedance 8Ω or more

Power supply / External dimensions / Weight / Operating temperature

Battery 2 AAA batteries
External dimensions 108mm x 39mm x 16.8mm
  • Excludes largest projections.
Weight 71g
  • Including batteries.
Operating temperature 0 - 42°C

Frequency response

When recording via microphone jack  WMA format 64kbps: 70Hz - 15kHz 
32kbps: 70Hz - 13kHz
5kbps: 70Hz - 3kHz
When recording with built-in microphone 70Hz - 16kHz
  • The upper and lower values of the frequency response depend on the recording mode.
When playing back 20Hz - 20kHz
  • The upper and lower values of the frequency response depend on the recording mode.

Battery duration (when using alkaline batteries)

Recording mode When recording with built-in microphone When playing back through built-in speaker When playing back through earphone
WMA format: 5kbps Approx. 100 hours Approx. 17 hours Approx. 75 hours

Recording time (WMA format)

Recording mode Internal memory(2GB)
64kbps Approx. 63 hours
32kbps Approx. 126 hours
5kbps Approx. 790 hours

Maximum recording time per file

WMA format 32kbps: Approx. 26 hours 40 min
5kbps: Approx. 148 hours 40 min
  • The battery duration was tested in accordance with the Olympus testing method. The values will significantly vary depending on the batteries used and operating conditions.
  • The possible recording time may be shorter than the above when short recordings are made repeatedly (use the possible recording time and elapsed recording time indications as a rough guide only).
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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