Clear high-quality sound

A large-diameter low-noise microphone for clear recording

The recorder is equipped with an omnidirectional, low noise monaural microphone. It reduces noise to enable clear recording. The recorder is also capable of recording low volume voices, making this recorder perfect for dictation.

Built in stand reduces noise

The stand at the back of the body reduces surface noise when the recorder is placed directly on a tabletop. The stand itself also acts as a cover for the USB port and microSD slot.

Low-cut filter eliminates extraneous noise

During recording, this filter cuts out background sounds such as air conditioning, projector fan noise, and the sound of wind outside. The filter can be turned on or off so you can decide whether to use it depending on your recording preference.

Voice filtering function to more clearly emphasise voice

By cutting the low and high frequency range, it clarifies and enhances the voice within recordings.

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