Other Useful Functions

Long battery life you can rely when out and about

The development of low power consumption circuits has enabled this recorder to achieve up to 100 hours of recording. The long battery life provides peace of mind to beginners.

4GB of internal memory and support for microSD cards

This recorder has 4GB of internal memory. It also supports microSD cards so there is no need to worry about space.

Support for both MP3 and WMA recording formats

There is support for two recording formats that can be selected according to your preference. One is the highly versatile MP3 and the other is WMA which achieves both high quality sound and a high compression rate.

  • WMA (Windows Media Audio) is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Voice sync recording and VCVA

Voice sync recording (V-Sync.Rec)

Voice sync recording enables automatic recording upon detection of a voice louder than a pre-set voice sync level (detection level), and automatic stop to recording when voices becomes quiet. When the pre-set detection time elapses, the recorder closes the recording file and then enters standby mode.


VCVA is a function to start recording automatically upon detection of a voice louder than a pre-set voice level. This function can also pause recording automatically when voices becomes quiet. It saves memory by automatically cutting out silent parts of meetings.

Convenient file splitting function

This model is compatible with the file splitting function. To enable easier management, large files or files with long recording times can be split.

  • Only compatible with MP3.
  • Under copyright law, you may not use audio you have recorded for other than personal enjoyment without the permission of the copyright holder.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures are composite images.


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