High quality recording

With the aim of obtaining even higher quality recording, highly sensitive, low noise directional microphones are equipped on this recorder.

Directional stereo microphones angled at 90 degrees

Two low-noise directional microphones are positioned facing outwards at an angle of 90 degrees. This layout enables recordings with realistic and superb stereo. Even the sense of direction and distance at meetings and negotiations can be realistically captured in recordings, ensuring high-quality sound that is easy to hear.

Comparison of stereo sound

  • WS series The use of two directional microphones results in realistic and superb stereo recordings with which there is a clear difference between the sound on the left and right.
  • The use of omnidirectional microphones results in recordings that sound like mono recordings as the sound on the left and right is almost the same, even if two microphones are used.

High quality sound recording engine

The recorder introduces an engine that enables faithful recording and playback of sound, from the low frequencies to the high frequencies.

Low cut filter eliminates extraneous noise

This filter cuts out sounds below 300Hz (such as air conditioner and projector fan noise, etc.) in an analogue manner. Your recordings will have a natural sound free from distortion.

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