An impressive array of playback functions

This recorder supports noise cancellation for making voice easy to hear and fast/slow playback which is useful for creating meeting minutes and studying a language.

Optimal playback scene selection

The mode can be selected according to the purpose (transcription or language learning).

1. Transcription

This mode is convenient for creating the minutes of meetings and interviews. (The button operation settings are simultaneously changed to the settings for transcription.)

2. Language learning

The button operation settings are simultaneously changed to the settings for language learning.


This mode enables repeated audio playback and silent playback to help you practice listening and speaking by repeating a passage. You can easily set the part that is to be repetitively played back by just indicating its start and stop position.

Noise cancellation

The noise cancellation function removes noise during playback. This makes voices recorded in a location where there is background noise (such as from an air conditioner, projector, or other device) easier to hear when played back.

  • Some functions are limited when the noise cancellation function is used.
  • Sound containing noise
  • Clearer Sound

Convenient fast/slow playback

Slow playback is very useful for language study. Try getting used to the pronunciation of native speakers who talk quickly by using the slow playback function. Since the speed change is processed digitally, the pitch is not altered so the voice does not sound strange. Fast playback, on the other hand, is useful for things like creating the minutes of long meetings.

Fully fledged music player

Music data can be easily transferred from a PC without using special software. The recorder can be used as a fully fledged music player as it is also capable of displaying artist names and track names. This feature is convenient to use because you can also perform tasks such as searching for another file during playback.

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