High quality recording

With the aim of obtaining even higher quality recording, we equipped this recorder with high sensitivity, low noise directional microphones and included support for linear PCM recordings.

Directional stereo microphones angled at 90 degrees

Reproduces a sense of direction and distance in the recording

Featuring two low-noise directional microphones are positioned at a 90 degree angle to create recordings with realistic and superb stereo sound. The WS-833 captures high quality recordings that are clear and easy to hear that convey a sense of direction and distance in the recording useful for meetings, lectures or training presentations.

Comparison of stereo sound

  • WS series The use of two directional microphones results in realistic and superb stereo recordings with which there is a clear difference between the sound on the left and right.
  • If omnidirectional microphones are used the resulting recording sounds like a mono recording as the sound on the left and right are at the same level even if two microphones are used.

Zoom microphone mode allows for recording from a distance

Reproduces a sense of direction and distance in the recording

Our zoom microphone mode uses the in latest directional control technology and the + and - buttons allow precise adjustment of the directional characteristics. Switching to directional microphone mode unleashes the power of proximity recording in noisy environments, such as at lectures or when recording from a distant position; and the new zoom microphone mode also increases the recording level to enhance the recorders capabilities to zoom in on the subject.

CD quality recording

Linear PCM recording with is equivalent to the quality experienced on a CD, facilitating high quality recording at a sampling frequency of 44.1kHz and bit rate of 16bit. Alternatively you can select from the highly versatile MP3 format or the WMA format which combines high quality with small file sizes.

Recording level adjustment

Three recording levels can be selected from to suit the purpose or the volume of the source. Alternatively, if you select the manual level adjustment function allowing you to adjust the recording level to one of 30 levels to fully utilise the dynamic range of the WS-833.

High (Lectures)

This recording level has the highest recording sensitivity making it suitable for recording lectures, large meetings, and other similar events where the sound source tends to be far away or quiet.

Medium (Meetings)

This recording level is suitable for recording small meetings and other similar events.

Low (Memos)

This recording level has the lowest recording sensitivity so it is suitable for dictation.


Allows for adjustment of the recording to any one of 30 levels.

High quality sound recording engine

The recorder features recording engine that enables faithful recording and playback of sound from the lowest to the highest frequencies.

Low-cut filter eliminates extraneous noise

Recordings that are free of background noise and distortion are possible due to the low frequencies are removed by the low-cut filter. This filter cuts out sound below 300Hz (i.e. air conditioner noise, projector fan noise, etc.) during the recording process.

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