An impressive array of playback functions

With Voice Playback function that allows for convenient transcription of meetings and lectures; and Voice Balancer that makes for easy listening through equalisation of volume levels, the WS-833 have provides an array of playback modes that can accommodate a diversity of recorded environments.

Voice Playback

The Voice Playback function skips the sections with no voice recorded and plays back only the sections with voice recorded. This enables you to efficiently transcribe recordings of meetings and lectures.

Enhanced Voice Balancer

When voices are recorded at different volume levels due to the distance and physical relationship to the recorder, you can use the Voice Balancer playback function to automatically adjusts the voices to equal volume levels that can be heard easily. Additionally a high performance filter is also included in the WS-833, Voice Filtering, which clearly emphasises recorded voices by cutting out low and high ranges during playback.

  • Possible use of the Voice Balancer

Optimal playback scene selection

The mode can be selected according to the purpose of the playback for instance transcription or learning a language.

1. Transcription

This mode is convenient for creating the minutes of meetings and interviews. When using this mode the button operations are changed to the settings for transcription.

2. Learning a language

The button operations are changed to the settings for learning a language.

The Voice Changer

With the Voice Charger function you have full control over the recorded voice pitch; allowing you to have fun changing the pitch of your voice or converting a hard to follow voice into one you can hear easily.


Shadowing mode repetitively plays back a selected portion of the recorded file. As simple as placing index markers on the file for a start and finish position, this mode helps you to practice listening to phrases and speaking respectively.

Noise cancelling

The noise cancelling function removes background noise (i.e. air condition, projector etc.) during playback making it easier to hear the recorded voice easier to hear when played back.

  • Some functions are limited when the noise cancelling function is used.
  • Recording containing background noise
  • Recording with noise cancelling applied

Convenient fast or slow playback

With fast or slow playback the speed change is processed digitally thus the pitch is not altered resulting in the voice remaining as recorded. Slow playback is very useful for studying languages particularly if you want to learn pronunciation from native speaker who talks quickly. Fast playback on the other hand is useful for things like creating the minutes of long meetings.

Full featured music player

The WS-833 can be used as a full featured music player as it is also capable of accepting files directly transferred without software, displays artist names and tracks, and as well as allow you to search for a file during playback. The recorder comes packaged with high quality canal earphones with an easy to insert structure for minimal sound leakage to facilitate impressive sound quality whilst you listen to your music.

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