The recorder features two function buttons that improve basic usability such as navigating menus and returning to the home screen; and the GUI has been improved to make operation even more intuitive.

2 function buttons

Two function buttons (F1 & F2) have been added directly beneath the LCD and a dedicated menu button has been positioned in the centre. The function assigned to each of the function buttons on the left and right is shown on the screen. By assigning home to a function button you can immediately return to the home screen at one touch.

Lightweight and compact

With superior portability by virtue of its compact and light design, the WS series makes it possible for you to keep the device with you at all times for recording. This will be a partner you can depend on for recording in a business situation or daily life, or any other situation.

The new GUI on Home and Menu screen

The user interface has been improved from being text based to a more user friendly one employing icons that are intuitively easy to understand.

Direct USB connection eliminates need for a cable

The USB connector integrated into the recorder can be easily deployed using the slide lever to plug the recorder directly into a PC. This function allows for data to be exchanged with a PC without having to use a cable or special software, recharging via USB without removing the battery and can even be used as a USB memory device.

Cover for protecting slide out USB connector

The USB connector comes with a cover linked to the slide lever to prevent dust getting inside.

Calendar based searching

The audio files saved on the recorder are automatically managed by date, allowing for the files to be displayed in a calendar format, allowing you to quickly find the file you are looking for.

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