The WS-833 features a FM radio and it provides powerful support for business with its wide range of convenient functions.

Built-in FM tuner that supports recording and playback

Equipped with highly sensitive FM tuner you can easily record and play back important news or broadcasts that you don't want to miss no matter where you are making this model a great device for business.

microSD slot

The recorder supports microSD cards up to 32GB, positioned under the battery cover allows for the recorder to be slimmer and protects the slot from dust.

Runs on a general purpose AAA battery

The WS-833 runs on a AAA battery allowing the recorders size to be reduced and to provide peace of mind of being able to get a battery just about anywhere. The supplied battery is rechargeable and can be charged via USB without being removed from the recorder making it very convenient for every day use. Or if you get caught short of battery power you can also replace the battery with a standard AAA battery.

Large front speaker

The speaker is placed at the front to improve listening when playing back recorded file on the recorder whether that be hand held of on a desktop.

Convenient file copying and file splitting functionality

You can move or copy files within the internal memory or between internal memory and a microSD card. Additionally for large files with long recording times can be split into multiple files for easier management and editing.

  • File splitting is only compatible with MP3 and linear PCM format files recorded with the recorder.

Convenient voice sync recording and VCVA

Voice sync recording (V-Sync.Rec)

Voice sync recording is a function to start recording automatically upon detection of a voice louder than the pre-set detection level and to stop recording automatically when the voice stops. You can set the detection time period to manage when the recorder stops recording. Once the recorder finishes recording the triggered file it then enters the standby state.

Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA)

The VCVA function starts recording automatically upon detection of a voice louder than a pre-set voice start level and pauses recording automatically when the voice becomes quiet. VCVA reduces file size by automatically cutting out parts of a recording where there is no recorded sound.

Dedicated silicon case (sold separately) makes the recorder easy to hold

A slip-resistant easy-to-hold dedicated silicon case is sold separately and is designed to protect your recorder from scratches.

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