Playback functions

Featuring an array of playback features to accommodate your needs, such the Voice Filter to clarify and enhance voice within recordings.

Voice filtering function to more clearly emphasise voice

By cutting the low and high frequency range, it clarifies and enhances the voice within recordings.

Noise cancellation for clear playback quality

The noise cancellation function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient noise such as air-conditioner noise or projector fan noise to enable clear playback quality. This function is very effective when playing back meeting recordings.

  • Some functions are limited when the noise cancellation is used.
  • Recording containing background noise
  • Recording with noise cancellation applied

Change the playback speed without changing the pitch "Fast/ Slow playback"

With fast or slow playback, the speed change is processed digitally, thus the pitch is not altered resulting in the voice remaining as recorded. The playback speed can be adjusted between a range of ×0.5 (slowest) and ×2 (fastest). The ability to change the playback speed is particularly useful when you want to quickly check meeting recordings, or when recordings need to be listened to repeatedly such as with language study. The playback speed settings are retained even when the recorder power is off, making it convenient to resume.

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