Compact and stylish waterproof binoculars

This stylish compact model has a waterproof sealing, a folding design makes it perfect for taking along with you and is available various colour variations.

Waterproof sealing

Waterproof sealing

These binoculars will function normally even when submerged for up to five minutes in water down to a depth of 1m. This is the perfect model for gorge climbing and other such activities.

Foldable for portability

Foldable for portability

The foldable design makes these binoculars compact, easy to carry and great for taking on hikes or travelling overseas.

Easy to use even for novice users

Activities such as bird watching or viewing sports can be easily enjoyed, even for novice users with adjustable eye interval, focus and diopter.

Basic Information

Product name 10 x 21 RC II WP / 8 x 21 RC II WP
Box contents Soft case, strap, eyepiece lens cap
Colour variation 10 x 21 RC II WP (Dark Green) / 8 x 21 RC II WP (Slate Blue, Magenta, Olive Green)
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