CSCH-120 Genuine Leather Body Jacket

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CSCH-120 Genuine Leather Body Jacket

CSCH-120 Genuine Leather Body Jacket

This is a body jacket for exclusive use with the STYLUS SH-2 / SH-1. Genuine leather materials are used that match with the synthetic leather on the camera body. This case enhances the premium feel of the SH-1 with its strong yet supple touch that only improves with use. This can also be coordinated with the CSS-S109LLII Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap and the CSS-S110LS Genuine Leather Hand Strap.
This case is also fully functional with the following features when it is attached to the camera.

  • Reduces scratches and damage that can occur when carrying the camera around.
  • Connectors covers can be opened and closed without taking the camera out of the case.
  • The LCD monitor can be used for shooting.
  • A tripod can be used.
  • Camera grip is improved.


Compatible models SH-2 / SH-1
Main materials Genuine leather
Size Width (Length) Approx. 115mm
Height Approx. 62mm
Depth (Thickness) Approx. 38mm
Weight Approx. 40g
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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