CSCH-124 Silicone Jacket

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CSCH-124 Silicone Jacket

CSCH-124 Silicone Jacket

The dedicated silicone jacket is now available to improve grip for a secure hold and protect the camera from scratches when shooting in punishing environments. The face button on the front of the camera (TG-870 / TG-860), the two tripod sockets on the bottom and side of the camera, and flip-up monitor can all be used even when the silicone jacket is attached.


Compatible model TG-870 / TG-860
Main materials Silicone rubber
Size Width (Length) 115.8mm
Height 67.4mm
Depth (Thickness) 31.4mm
Weight 16.9g
  • One of the properties of silicone is its non-slip texture. For this reason, the camera cannot be used with another camera case while the silicone jacket is attached.
  • The camera is sold separately.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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