FL-36R Electronic Flash

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FL-36R Electronic Flash

FL-36R Electronic Flash

Olympus has developed an original wireless communication system called 'RC data transfer', which enables the use of advanced lighting effects. When used together with a compatible interchangeable lens camera, it can produce subtle lighting effects just the way you want.  The FL-36R enables uniform lighting in the picture area and high brightness control accuracy. The head can be freely rotated both vertically and horizontally and the firing angle can be automated according to the attached lens, or set manually for high functionality.

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Guide number (ISO100/m) Automatic switching 12mm (35mm equivalent: 24mm): 2042mm (35mm equivalent: 85mm): 36
  • When using the bundled wide panel, 12/14 switching
Firing angle 12mm (35mm equivalent: 24mm): 62° vertical, 78°lateral
42mm (35mm equivalent: 85mm): 21° vertical, 28°lateral
  • When using the bundled wide panel, supports up to 8mm (35mmmm equivalent: 16mm)
Wireless (RC) function Can be used with cameras that support Olympus wireless (RC) flash systems. No. of channels: 4 channels. No. of groups: Independently controlled 3 groups. Flash mode: TTL-AUTO, AUTO, MANUAL, FP-TTL-AUTO, FP-MANUAL
Slave function AUTO, MANUAL
Bounce Vertically: 0 to 90 degrees, Down: 7 degrees, Right: 0 to 90 degrees, Left: 0 to 180 degrees
Custom Setup AF Illuminator specifications: On/Off
Power supply 2 AA alkaline batteries (LR6), 2 AA NiMh batteries, 2 AA lithium batteries (FR6), 2 AA Oxyride batteries or CR-V3 lithium battery pack (LB-01)
Size 67mm (W) x 95mm (H) x 108mm (D) (excludes protrusions)
Weight 260g (excludes batteries)
Accessories FLST-1 Flash Stand, Soft Case


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