Tough Capabilities Let you Capture Moments Anywhere You Go

The TG-860 is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and crushproof letting you take photos anywhere, whether you are on skiing on the slopes, on a severe trek, or snorkeling off of a reef.

Waterproof up to depths of 15m*1

Olympus original water sealing technology delivers waterproof performance good for snorkeling and diving, allowing you to take photos in depths up to 15m underwater. It is also perfect for shooting dynamic close-up shots of waterfalls, and frees you from the worry of sudden heavy rain.


Dustproof sealing prevents sand or dust from getting into the camera, allowing you to freely shoot photos at beaches or on windy days.

Shockproof up to 2.1m and crushproof up to 100kgf*1

The TG-860 Tough uses a unique double-layered shockproof and crushproof construction that clears drop tests from a height of 2.1m and crush tests with a weight of 100kg. This drastically reduces damage from dropping the camera or sitting on the camera by accident.

  • The shockproof and crushproof performance were measured when the tilting LCD monitor is at the closed position.
1. Inner chassis / 2. Lens unit / 3. Outer chassis

Freezeproof up to -10℃*1

All electrical and mechanical components are designed so that the camera can function even in a freezing environment with a temperature of -10℃. This lets you take photos up in the mountains even in the cold winter months.

  • 1: Waterproof performance is JIS/IEC protection class 8 (IPX8) equivalent. The number of shots that can be recorded is reduced at lower temperature. Kilogram-force (kgf) is the unit for measuring force exerted on a body. Dustproof performance is JIS/IEC protection class (IP6X) equivalent. All tests were performed under our in-house test conditions.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.


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