Ultra-wide Lens and 180-degree Flip-up Monitor

With an ultra-wide optical 5x zoom lens starting from 21mm, and a 180-degree flip-up monitor, the TG-860 is perfect for travel and taking dynamic wide landscape photos. And by flipping the monitor up, you can easily take selfies no matter where you are.

Optical 5x zoom lens from 21mm ultra-wide*1

With an optical 5x zoom lens starting from an ultra-wide 21mm, the TG-860 boasts one of the widest zoom lenses in compact cameras and provides outstanding performance.

  • Focal length: 28mm*1 (previous model TG-830)
  • Focal length: 21mm*1 (TG-860)

Olympus-original ultra-compact shockproof optics technology

Employing Olympus-original folded optics technology, the TG-860 Tough achieves shockproof construction, an ultra-compact size, and a super-wide angle zoom.  All lens movement remains inside of the camera body, protecting the lens unit from any possible damage. Moreover, you can get as close as 1cm to the subject in Super Macro mode, and it also features lens-shift image stabilisation that compensates camera shake by accurately and speedily moving the lens while ensuring high shockproof performance.

  1. HR prism
  2. Aspherical E-HR lens
  3. Aspherical lens
  4. Super HR lens
  5. Lens shift-type image stabilisation lens

Flip-up Monitor

The rear LCD monitor can be tilted and flipped-up to 180 degrees. It enables you to easily take selfies in any situation.

Self Portrait mode

Self Portrait mode is added on the mode dial

The TG-860 features a Self Portrait mode for easy selfie shooting. Flip-up the monitor to view yourself on the display and use the face button on the face of the camera to release the shutter. Focus is automatically adjusted on the subject who holds the camera and the AF illuminator brightness is automatically adjusted so that it does not effect the picture . The custom self-timer can also be displayed on the monitor.

It is also suited for taking group photos in a narrow place using wide-angle lens.

Shoot with either hand

The camera is designed so that either the face button or the shutter button can be used to shoot.

Wide-angle distortion compensation

The TG-860 compensates for distortion that tends to occur toward the edges of an image shot at a wide-angle.  This is useful whenever you have human subjects toward the edges of an image.

  • Previous model (TG-850)
  • TG-860

High-angle & low-angle shooting

Photos that are difficult to take with other cameras can be taken easily just by tilting the LCD by 90 degrees. It is also useful for underwater photos as you don’t need to put your face into water.

  • High-angle
  • Low-angle
  • 1: 35mm equivalent
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