Sportcam Mode

The TG-860 features Sportcam mode for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Versatile sports modes, including movie modes, are available for a variety of sports activities.

A versatile movie mode

Sportcam mode is available on the mode dial for quick activation.

Simply set the mode dial to Sportcam mode to record at the popular 16:9 aspect ratio movies seen on HD TVs. In addition to optical image stabilisation, digital image stabilisation can be added for movies, ensuring a stable picture throughout.

Full HD 60p movie

60p movie can be used for recording moving subjects smoothly.

High-speed movie

With this feature, you can capture ultra high-speed HD-quality movies and play them back in dynamic slow motion.

  • The movie size is 640 x 480 at 120fps and 480 x 360 at 240fps. When in Sportcam Mode, movie size is 854 x 480 at 120fps and 640 x 360 at 240fps.

Time lapse movie

The Time Lapse Movie function is included to allow for capturing a scene over a period of time. Additionally Art Filters and Picture Modes can also be applied to Time Lapse Movie.


This mode enables sequential shooting with the set interval time from 0.05 to 60 seconds. When the loop shooting function is used, the next recording will automatically begin.

Face button

A face button is located on the front of the camera body. The button can be used to start and stop movie recording.

Other functions that can be assigned to the face button:

  • Still image shooting
  • Monitor boost (Increase monitor brightness to improve visibility of the monitor under sunlight)
  • LED light on/off
  • Super Macro (availability is limited to certain modes)

Movie recording button

A movie recording button is located on the back of the camera body. This button allows you to start shooting movies when the camera is held in the regular position. The same custom settings as with the face button are available.

Sport Holder

The separately available CSCH-123 Sport Holder holds your TG-860 for you, and can be attached to a backpack strap or chest harness. This enables you to record movies without holding the camera in your hands.

  • Usage example: the shutter button
  • Usage example: the face button
  • Usage example: regular case
  • Selfie example 1: left hand
  • Selfie example 2: right hand
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