CBG-7 Camera Bag

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CBG-7 Camera Bag

CBG-7 Camera Bag

This is a compact, lightweight camera bag. Its simple design ensures that you'll never grow tired of it. It is equipped with multi-function pockets (1 large (with flap), 2 small) and sub-pockets. When the side fastener is opened, the entire bag can be opened into a flat shape so you can easily organise your equipment.


Main materials Polyester
External dimensions
(approx. width × height × depth, in mm)
280 × 200 × 120 mm
Storage dimensions for reference
(approx. width × height × depth, in mm)
120 × 190 × 115 mm
Weight (Approx.) 402g
Remarks 1 large pocket (115 × 70 × 65 mm), 2 small pockets (55 × 60 × 55 mm), 2 side pockets, 1 side mesh pocket, adjustable strap length
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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