Very High Image Quality

Beautifully capture once in a lifetime moments. The E-M10 features latest high-quality technologies to capture a precious moment beautifully. Zuiko Lens Systems were designed specifically for digital photography and boast amazing optical performance. In combination with the high-quality sensor and image processor, they provide outstanding image quality.

Zuiko Lens Systems

Lenses determine the quality of photographs. Zuiko Digital lenses boast high optical performance achieved through the Olympus optical design technologies acquired through decades of experience in the industry including state-of-the-art technologies such as a DAS lens and ZERO Coating. The telescopic optical system is specifically designed for digital cameras and it effectively sends light to the image sensor to provide images clear to the edges.

TruePic VII brings out the potential of any attached lens

The camera is equipped with TruePic VII image processor which is also used by the flagship model E-M1. TruePic VII optimises sharpness according to the optical characteristics of the attached lens and aperture (f-number) value, performs high-precision de-mosaic optimisation for the low-pass filter less sensor, and features Fine Detail II Technology that reduces false colours. It brings out the potential of lenses to achieve sharpness and high-resolution. Olympus proprietary image processing technology, Real Colour Technology renders colours that are thought to be difficult to create (i.e. emerald green and yellow) more true to life.

Sharp resolution across the entire image

  • Competitor company A DSLR + Kit lens
  • E-M10+ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ

Greatly reduced noise without losing detail at high ISO settings

  • Competitor company A DSLR + Kit lens (ISO 6400)
  • E-M10+ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ (ISO6400)

16M Live MOS Sensor Supports Up to ISO 25,600

The E-M10 is equipped with the 16M Live MOS sensor inherited from the E-M5. It retains details in shadows and, accurately captures night scenes and dark indoor scenes. The wide dynamic range made smooth colour tones possible and capture high contrast scenes possible. The ISO LOW (ISO100) lets you use the wide aperture of fast lenses during day light.


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