Fast Electronic Viewfinder

A large easy to see EVF is mounted on a compact stylish body. This is your very own canvas for expressing your creativity. You can easily control saturation, tones, composition and focus while looking through the EVF. An immersive shooting experience that is different from shooting with the rear LCD monitor.

Large & easy to see fast electronic viewfinder

The E-M10 is equipped with 1.44 million-dot viewfinder with 1.15x maximum magnification ratio (35mm equivalent maximum image magnification: 0.57x) which features approximately 100% viewfinder coverage. The fast EVF is responsive to rapidly moving subjects with a time lag as low as 0.007 seconds when the high-speed display mode is selected*. The eye sensor automatically switches the display between the EVF and LCD screen. Despite the high-speed 0.3 second switching time, the eye sensor is designed so that it is not inadvertently activated when using the rear monitor or activating playback/menu screen.

  • Reduces the image quality of Live View is slightly lowered compared to the standard display mode.
  • Company A
  • E-M10: Approx. 1.15x (35mm equivalent: 0.57x), Viewfinder Coverage: approx. 100%
  • Company B

Adaptive Brightness Technology enables automatic backlight control

Adaptive Brightness Technology responds to the ambient lighting conditions varying its brightness level to make the EVF feel natural to use. In dark conditions the EVF brightness will reduced to match the ambient light and in bright conditions the brightness will be increased. This reduces the risk of potential exposure compensation errors that may arise from an inaccurate portrait of the shooting environment.

Bright environment

  • Conventional EVF
  • Naked Eye
  • E-M10 Viewfinder

Dark environment

  • Conventional EVF
  • Naked Eye
  • E-M10 Viewfinder

Creative Control

This feature lets you concentrate on image creation whilst looking through the viewfinder. The Colour Creator function lets you control various aspects such as highlight & shadow, aspect ratios and precise focusing using the button and two dials to present impressive images.

  • Highlight & Shadow Control
  • Aspect Control
  • Magnified Display Control
  • Colour Creator
  •  Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  •  Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.


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