FAST AF and 8fps High-Speed Sequential Shooting

The 81-point FAST AF system covers the most of the image area with focus points. Combined with the up to 8fps fast sequential shooting, the camera can capture the right moment easily. It also features additional AF functions such as Super Spot AF and Small AF Target that lets you focus on a tiny part of an image and Eye-Detection AF that automatically focuses on the eye of a person.

81-point FAST AF covers the most of the image area with focus points

The 81-point AF system covers the most of the image area with focus points and lets you focus on any small subject in the area.

  • Conventional DSLRs
  • 81-point AF Area

Group Target AF & Improved AF Tracking

You can switch from 81-point AF to 9-point Group Target AF. This mode is better for tracking the subject than the Single Target AF enabling you can track subjects like a running child. Group Target AF algorithm has improved AF Tracking capability of the OM-D E-M10.

Eye Detection AF & e-Portrait

Eye Detection AF It automatically focuses on an a subjects eye for precise AF when you shoot bust shots or head shots and combine this with the e-Portrait function to smooth out skin tones and textures. Alternatively you can select Diorama Effect to gradually defocuses images using the focus point as the central point to soften the images. All features that put the creative control in your hands on their own or combined to capture impressive portrait photographs.

Touch AF Shutter

With Touch AF you can select the focus point even at the edges of the screen just by touching the rear monitor. Which allows you the ability to specify select the subject in an intuitive manner.

Super Spot AF creates pin point accurate AF points

Super Spot AF magnifies the specified AF area and uses the centre of the magnified AF area as the focus point. Powerful image stabilisation is automatically turned on when an AF area is enlarged so that it is very useful for macro shooting and telephoto shooting.

  • Only for Micro Four Thirds lenses

Small Target AF

Small Target AF lets you specify a very small area as the AF target. Because it is possible to specify a very small focus area, very fine focusing is possible.

Up to 8.0 fps of high-speed sequential shooting

The continuous shooting feature is required to capture still images of movie subjects. The OM-D E-M10 is equipped with the sensor with the high ISO and high-speed performance, and high performance shutter to achieve up to 8.0 fps sequential shooting performance (S-AF mode). Up to 3.5 fps is possible even in C-AF mode that continually tracks focus on a moving subject during continuous shooting. This feature lets you capture the right moment.

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