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Olympus Image Share Smartphone App

The built-in Wi-Fi in combination with Olympus Image Share (iOS and Android application available) provides image capture control including using a smartphone to adjust camera settings, and remotely activating the shutter. Advanced operations are also possible by modifying photos with Art Filters for more creative shooting. Additionally, the cameras built-in Wi-Fi can be used to send images to a smartphone directly. Simply connect to a smartphone to open up a whole new realm of photographic enjoyment.

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Features of Olympus Image Share Smartphone App

Wireless Touch AF Shutter

When utilising the Olympus Image Share App images can be remote triggered by simply touching your desired focus point on the subject. This feature is also perfect for using in family photos instead of the self-timer.

Remote control via OI.Share

The Wireless Touch AF Shutter facilitates Live View on your smartphone and remote shooting. You can select the shooting mode (P/A/S/M/iAUTO) and control settings such as the shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, ISO and white balance. Moreover you can use your smartphone to remotely control the Live Bulb shooting and sequential shooting. This feature is also perfect for using in family photos instead of the self-timer.

Wireless Release Mode

You can adjust settings on the camera while activating the shutter release on a smartphone. Just as with a remote cable, a smartphone can be used to focus with a halfway press, and capture the image with a full press.

Share Order Function

When you want to share an image, simply touch the share button on the playback screen after shooting to mark images ahead of time. With this feature, you can quickly send marked images when connected to a smartphone with just a touch of a single button.

Adding GPS Tags

You can record GPS logs on a smartphone and then add shooting location information to photos saved on the cameras SD card by forwarding the logs to the camera. Using the included software Olympus Viewer3, you can view your photos on a map showing the shooting location.

  • The Wi-Fi communication feature can communicate with the smartphone application Olympus Image Share.
  • Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Logo is a certification mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Built-in flash with wireless commander function

The built-in flash with the automatic TTL is featured in the smallest body in the OM-D series. The guide number is 5.8 (ISO100・m) / 8.2 (ISO200・m). It also supports the wireless commander function that can adjust the brightness of external flashes (optional).

Tilting LCD monitor

Equipped with a tilting touch panel LCD monitor with high colour reproduction and contrast. The monitor is a capacitive touch panel coated with fingerprint resistant costing but retains its high response rate. The LCD can be tilted upward to 80 degrees and downward to 50 degrees, providing you more shooting options for example, a high shooting angle is useful when shooting photos in a crowd and a low shooting angle is useful for shooting photos of children and pets.

Live Composite mode for shooting starscapes

Live Composite seamlessly composites images so that it can capture starscapes without over exposure unlike normal bulb shooting. This feature is useful for capturing beautiful star trails, fireworks and fire flies in the background while shooting a bright building in the fore ground. As with Live Bulb, you can check the progress on the LCD monitor. Additionally you can also use the flash to emphasise a moment during the exposure or a light pen to write words. A maximum exposure of up to 3 hours is possible.

  • Shooting time: 3 seconds
  • Shooting time: 1 min. (20 shots/composite)
  • Shooting time: 60 min. (1200 shots, merged)

Live Bulb & Live Time

Live blub functionality provides a Live View display of the image the camera is capturing whilst the shutter release is engaged. In addition to the Live View the screen displays the exposure time and a histogram. In addition the E-M1o also has the option of Live Time which provides a Live View display of the image the camera is capturing by opening the shutter on the first push and closing the shutter on a second push.

  • (1) Number of possible display refreshes(2) Exposure time
  • The histogram can be shown or hidden by turning ON/OFF the INFO button

Full HD movie records your precious memories

It features full HD (1920 × 1080) movie recording. You can capture picturesque movies using high-quality lenses unique to DSLRs. High-quality stereo linear PCM is used for audio recording.

Photo & Movie Capture allows you to take still images while simultaneously shooting a movie

The E-M10 is equipped with a Photo & Movie Capture feature that lets you capture still images while recording a movie. Mode 1 can capture M-size (3200 ×1800) still images* without interrupting movie shooting, while Mode 2 pauses movie recording to capture normal still images. Even in Mode 1, up to 5 fps of sequential shooting is possible if you set the camera in P/A/S/M mode. Since you can take still shots without shutter sound, you can capture special moments while shooting a movie.

  • Mode 2 is used for movies other than Full HD or HD MOV recording.
  • The image quality is fixed at the M size (3200 × 1800, aspect ratio 16:9) captured using the super-resolution technology.

Enhanced iAUTO that automatically detects the movement of a subject

iAUTO is an intelligent shooting mode that automatically selects one of the 42 scenes (36 scenes for movie recording) to capture an optimal image. Difficult shooting scenes such as Portraits, Backlit, Vivid and Spotlight; can be appropriately detected and exposure is adjusted accordingly. In addition to scene detection, it can also detect the movement of the subject before image capture to instantly adjust the ISO speed and shutter speed so that motion blur is reduced in dark environments. Additionally, because i-Enhance mode (finishing function of iAUTO) detects the main subject from the rest of the image you can keep the soft texture of human skin while making the blue sky and flowers more vivid to faithfully represent the scene.

12 Art Filters for photographic expression

Art Filters extend photographic expression. Equipped with 12 Art Filters, and 6 Art Effects for enhancing the capabilities of Art Filters.

Art Effects that make Art Filters even more fascinating

Art Effects make Art Filters even more fascinating. Emphasise images in a way the photographer intended to creatively express ideas in an easy manner.

Photo Story: New type of a photographic expression

Collection of multiple usual everyday photos create a story. Photo Story provides such new way of a photographic expression. You can combine multiple photos while still maintaining full creative control and composition just by touching the rear panel and create art work.

Other Shooting Functions

Two HDR modes and HDR  Bracketing (HDR-BKT)

The camera takes four shots with different exposures during one shutter release and performs HDR process to create an HDR image. Two modes are available: the HDR1 mode provides naturally expanded dynamic range, while the HDR2 provides artistic, painterly images. HDR Bracketing mode is also included for use with HDR software on a computer.

  • The ISO is fixed at 200 in HDR mode.
  • HDR1: Creates a natural looking image with high dynamic range
  • HDR2: Generates surreal high dynamic range images

Hand-held Starlight Mode

This mode lets you capture night scenes without a tripod. It takes 8 shots continuously with the same exposure settings with a single release and automatically synthesises these shots to create an image without too much noise while eliminating camera shake.

Interval Shooting & Time Lapse Movie

The Interval Shooting feature lets you capture scenes such as blooming flowers, the flow of people and the movement of stars from the fixed point. It automatically performs continuous shooting once you set the number of total shots and the interval (from one second to 24 hours). Additionally it can automatically create a time-lapse movie from the captured images*. The maximum length of the video is 100 sec. (when 999 shots are taken).

  • Can be recorded only in Motion JPEG format (10 fps).
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.


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