Elegant design

The OLYMPUS PEN's design incorporates advanced styling while keeping the time-honoured personality of the original. We have improved fabrication accuracy to ensure our product is perfected down to the finest of details. Operability has been greaty improved by repositioning control components such as dials, levers, and buttons.

Premium accessories to compliment your PEN

Premium model equipped with wood grip (quantities limited)

This is a limited quantity model with a premium, natural wood grip. The wood used is the Canadian curly maple. Hand turned by craftsmen, this wood is specially selected according to strict quality standards. Ruby red and natural brown options are available to match the body colour.

  • The black body and silver body are paired with a ruby red coloured grip, and the white body is paired with natural brown coloured grip.

Premium genuine leather series (quantities limited)

The sling bag, strap, and body jacket all use carefully selected raw leather that is tanned, dyed and finished to produce the finest of premium leather accessories. The finish takes advantage of the crimps in the leather itself to bring out its softness and textures.

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