In-body 5-axis image stabilisation

1. Pitch 2. Yaw 3. Vertical shift 4. Vertical shift 5. Camera Roll

The E-P5 is equipped with a 5-axis image stabiliser for compensating for all types of camera shake that occurs when shooting. Because the stabilisation system is in-body, image stabilisation is effective on all lenses including older lenses*. This is a major benefit as stabilisers that cannot ordinarily fit inside a lens is packed into a compact body.

  • Vertical shift cannot be corrected.

IS-AUTO automatically detects panning shooting

(1)Image stabilisation (2)Image stabilisation off

IS-AUTO automatically detects panning shooting and is now included on the E-P5. This function automatically optimises control of image stabilisation in all directions including vertical, horizontal, and at an angle.

Image stabilisation effects can be checked in Live View

This model is equipped with a Live View stabilisation mode, which automatically turns on the image stabiliser while half-pressing the shutter button. This mode makes more accurate framing and focusing possible through a stable viewfinder image during macro and telephoto shooting.

  • * When Halfway Release Image Stabilisation is set to ON.

Image stabilisation for movies (Multi-Motion IS)

Equipped with a multi-motion image stabilisation mode dedicated to videos. This mode effectively stabilises movies shot while walking.

  • M-IS OFF
  • M-IS ON
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  • Screen captures on the LCD are composite images.


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