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2x2 Dial Control interface

1. Main dial 2. Fn lever 3. Movie button 4. Sub-dial

2x2 Dial Control is a system used for direct control of the following shooting functions: Aperture/shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO speed, and white balance. By multiplying the conventional two dials with the Fn (function) lever, direct dial control is possible. This new interface makes it possible to quickly and intuitively add your ideas to photos. In addition to 2x2 Control Dial (Mode 1/2), the Fn lever can be used to switch the movie button (Mode 3), and switch the focus mode (Mode 4).

Fn lever function mode list

  Fn lever position 1 Fn lever position 2
2x2 Dial Control (MODE1)
  • Front dial: Exposure compensation
  • Sub-dial: Aperture / Shutter speed
  • Front dial: ISO
  • Sub-dial: White balance
2x2 Dial Control (MODE2)
  • Front dial: Exposure compensation
  • Sub-dial: Aperture / Shutter speed
  • Front dial: White balance
  • Sub-dial: ISO
Switching movie button (MODE3) Function button (user configurable) Movie button
Focus mode switching (MODE 4) Focus mode 1 (such as S-AF) Focus mode 2 (such as S-AF)
  • Initial setting values. Differs depending on the shooting mode.

FAST AF system provides super-fast autofocus

The E-P5 is equipped with the super fast autofocus system FAST AF, providing an instantaneous response when you want to shoot. To focus, you only need to watch the rear monitor and lightly touch the point you want to focus on with a finger for instant, accurate focusing. Small AF Target and the newly included Super Spot AF make extremely small AF points possible, far exceeding that of phase detection AF.This helps in focusing more finely. Autofocus speed when using Zuiko Digital lenses is also improved*.

  • Speed has been increased by 15% to 40% for Zuiko Digital ED 14-35mm F2.0 SWD, ED 12-60mm F2.8-4.0 SWD, ED 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 SWD, and ED 50mm F2.0 Macro.

Super Spot AF

Magnification AF has improved, enabling more convenient and precise specification of focus positions. This function lets you magnify a specific point and specify the centre only as an AF point. Once the magnified display is activated, the image stabilisation function will automatically operate, stabilising the image in the viewfinder, making macro and telephoto shooting easier.

Small Target AF

This camera is equipped with Small Target AF for reducing the AF target size. Compared to a normal 35-point AF area you can select a smaller AF area for each point, making it possible to focus on smaller points. This feature is useful when it is necessary to focus on a pinpoint.

Face/Eye Detect AF

Even if the face size is a medium close-up, eyes can be detected. This function makes focusing on eyes or faces easy, and is perfect for shooting photos of children on the go.

Short Release Time Lag Mode provides a very quick response

Newly equipped with Short Release Time Lag Mode, which reduces the release time lag. This mode is great for capturing subjects moving at high speeds.

  • Time lag is approximately 0.044 (minimum) seconds in release mode Short, with image stabilisation OFF while the shutter button is pressed halfway.
  • The maximum number of shots is reduced by about 60 (CIPA compliant).

The Focus Peaking function assists in focusing with MF lenses

By pressing the Fn. button, the areas which are in sharp focus are outlined in either black or white, assisting in manual focusing. MF lens usability is dramatically improved through the combination of the Peaking function and the 5-axis image stabiliser whose effects can be checked in the viewfinder when pressing the shutter button halfway.

Live Bulb / Live Time

This function updates the display during exposure at a set interval. Two settings are available for selection: Live Bulb is activated when the release button is pressed and held, and the shutter remains open, and Live Time is activated when the shutter release button is pressed once to open the shutter, and deactivated when the shutter release button is pressed a second time to close the shutter. In addition to Elapsed Exposure Time, Histogram is also added to Live Bulb for greater usability. When the Bulb/Time shooting mode is selected, the backlight is automatically dimmed to reduce the power consumption and brightness.

  • (1) Number of possible display refreshes(2) Exposure time
  • The histogram can be shown or hid by turning ON/OFF the INFO button

Interval Shooting /Time Lapse Movies

The Interval Shooting function is included for fixed-point observation such as shooting blooming flowers, the comings and goings of people, and the movement of stars. It automatically performs continuous shooting once you set the number of total shots and the interval (from one second to 24 hours). Also, it can automatically create a time lapse movie from the captured images. The maximum length of the video is 10 sec. (when 99 shots are taken)*. With this function you can enjoy successive shots as a movie.

  • Can be recorded only in Motion JPEG format (10 fps).

Advanced iAUTO automatically detects scenes and subject movement for shooting

iAUTO automatically detects the shooting pattern that matches the subject, and creates photos perfectly matched to that situation. This mode on the EP-5 also detects moving subjects in dark locations and automatically adjusts the ISO speed and shutter speed to control subject blur.

High-speed sequential shooting max. 9.0 fps

This high-speed sequential shooting feature captures fleeting moments vividly at a maximum speed of 9.0 fps. Sequential shooting performance during C-AF, including tracking, is also vastly improved through 3D Tracking Technology. Sequential shooting of approximately 5.0 fps max.* is possible. This feature is perfect for quickly and intuitively capturing athletes playing sports, and animals when moving forward, backward, and side to side using touch operations.

  • When using M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ

2.36 million-dot, high-powered 1.48x Electronic Viewfinder: VF-4

This electronic viewfinder features a magnification factor of 1.48x*. Equivalent to a full-frame DSLR finder, with a high-resolution 2.36-million-dot LCD display and a 100% field of view, the VF-4 achieves high-speed response, and a display time lag of approximately 0.032 seconds. With features such as a movable tilt mechanism, eye sensor, and shoe lock mechanism, viewfinder photography is easier than ever before.

  • Equivalent to 0.74x of 35mm film camera

See Details

One-push Digital Tele-converter

The Digital Tele-converter function lets you zoom in up to 2x on the centre of an image, easily producing a tele-converter effect. By assigning this function to the Fn button, you can easily use it with a single push. Thanks to the advanced image compensation performance of the image processor TruePic Ⅵ, up to 1200mm (35mm equivalent) of telephoto shooting is possible (when the M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300mm F4.8-6.7 II is used).

Full HD movie

The full HD video shooting feature lets you take advantage of characteristics unique to interchangeable lens cameras, such as background defocusing, to shoot high-quality movies. Image expressions driven by iAUTO, i-Finish, Art Filters, etc., can be recorded beautifully and smoothly and in high quality stereo.

  • An SD card with a speed class of 6 or greater is recommended for shooting movies.
  • If image stabilisation is used when shooting movies, the movie will be recorded at a slightly magnified size. When camera shake is too strong, image stabilisation may not be adequate.

Movie Tele-converter

The E-P5 is also equipped with Movie Tele-converter for displaying a Movie Tele-converter frame, then selecting a position on the screen for instantly magnifying that section to 4x. Simply touch the icon to easily switch between a wide-angle shooting screen and a high-resolution close-up screen. This feature is perfect tor leaving the camera in one place, and switching between an overall view and close-up view of children's faces at school plays and sporting events.

Switch with a single touch while recording a movie

  • Touch the location to magnify
  • Magnification with virtually no image degradation*

Built-in flash equipped with the commander function

The E-P5 is equipped with a built-in flash with a guide number of 7/ISO 100 and guide number 10/ISO 200 for easily shooting backlit scenes during the day, and people against night scenes. Because the flash is equipped with the Commander function, multi unit wireless flash photography is easy.

Mysets let you customize to suit your shooting style

Four types of 'MySets' can be assigned to any position on the mode dial for shooting. By assigning MySet to positions on the dial that you don't use often, you can customise the mode dial to your own shooting style for easier use.

Digital Level Gauge

A two-direction level gauge corresponding to vertical and horizontal directions can be displayed on the Live View monitor. This function is useful when there is no horizon, or when the screen is dark and difficult to see. Additionally, main shooting information such as the aperture and shutter speed can be displayed constantly with the level.

Tilting LCD monitor

Equipped with a tilting touch panel LCD monitor with high colour reproduction and contrast. The monitor is a capacitive touch panel coated with fingerprint resistant finishing and has very good response. It can be tilted upward to 80 degrees and downward to 50 degrees. It provides more shooting opportunities, by letting you shoot high-angle shots over crowds in sporting event, or low-angle shots of little children and pets.

Olympus Viewer 3 enhances your work flow in the digital domain.

Olympus Viewer 3 is an application that lets you load images and video shot with a digital camera onto a PC, making it easy to view, edit and manage them. With Olympus Viewer 3, you can search for images by album or folder, by the person in the photo, or from a timeline, as well as manipulate, edit, and print imported photos. Highly effective work flow assistance is provided by functions such as Colour Mark, Selection and Light Box that you can use to select the best shot from among a very large number of images.

Click here for an overview of Olympus Viewer 3

Dust Reduction System to protect camera from dirt and dust

The SSWF (Supersonic Wave Filter) placed in front of the imaging sensor uses super high-speed vibrations (more than 30,000 per second) to powerfully shake off any dust or dirt that enters the camera when changing lenses and sticks to the imaging sensor surface. This Olympus technology has received praise as a highly effective technology by receiving prizes at the National Invention Special Awards Special Prize/Asahi Shimbun Invention Awards in 2010.

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  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.


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