Four Thirds Interchangeable Lenses

  • Wide zoom
  • Standard zoom
  • Telephoto zoom
  • Single focal-length
  • Macro
  • Accessories

Wide zoom

A wide-angle zoom lens with focal length less than 12mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 24mm). The exaggerated sense of perspective and deep depth of field created by wide-angle lenses helps to create a beautiful sense of space that goes beyond the limits of your imagination.

Standard zoom

Zoom lenses covering semi-wide angle of 12mm to 18mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 24-36mm), and the telephoto capability resulting in versatile zoom lenses that can be used for everything from portraits to landscapes.

Telephoto zoom

Zoom lens that has a tele-end focal length longer than 100mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 200m). These telephoto lenses offer you more opportunities for image capture with their telephoto performance and compact size.

Single focal-length

Single focal-length lenses with unique characteristics. A telephoto lens capture subjects at a distance, a fisheye lens that goes beyond your natural field of view, and a standard lens that is akin to a natural field of view. Single focal length lenses provide a sense of depth in the image.


Macro lenses allow for close-up shooting to bring out the detail of small subjects. The world of close-up photography goes beyond the vision of the everyday world that fascinates users the moment they look through the viewfinder.


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