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Pursuance of high image quality, mobility and reliability. The OLYMPUS E-3 with dust proof / water proof magnesium alloy body, withstands severe conditions.

A digital SLR camera that answers the demanding requirements of photographers, withstanding severe conditions while pursuing high quality image, mobility, and reliability. The newly developed all point (11 point) Twin Cross Sensor provides the world’s fastest* AF as well as approximately 5 frames per second high speed rapid shooting, 1/8000 sec. High speed shutter, and overall improved performance.

News Release

EISA European Advanced Camera 2008-2009 award

Tough body and high reproducibility.
These were the conditions to meet demanding needs.

Usage in demanding environments is made possible through the dust proof and water proof magnesium alloy body. Based on an exclusively digital design, reproducibility is high even towards the edges of images.


The evolution of every component to ensure you capture perfection.

In order to adjust focus in a speedy manner, the newly developed all point (11 point) Twin Cross Sensor allows for the world’s fastest* AF. Each sensor is positioned in an original zigzag/cross layout, which immensely increases AF accuracy. In addition, high speed rapid shooting at approximately 5 frames per second, and a 1/8000 second high speed shutter improved high speed performance.


An innovation for SLRs, Live View lets you shoot from unique angles with complete control.

Live View allows you to freely frame your shot while viewing the LCD monitor. Not only that, but you can shoot while previewing adjustments such as exposure. The monitor pivots on 2 axes both horizontally as well as vertically, which allows easy positioning under any angle, broadening possibilities of shots from new angles.


  • *1 Among digital SLR cameras available as of October 17, 2007. When the Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 SWD lens is used with the E-3 at a focal length of 60mm (120mm; 35mm equivalent). Based on Olympus' in-house measurement conditions.
  • * Depicted pictures are for image purposes only.
  • * Screen pictures are composite images.



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