ME30W Stereo microphone

ME30W Stereo microphone

ME30W Stereo microphone

Large frequency range of 20 to 20,000Hz ideal for recording a conference in a large room.

The left and right microphones can be placed up to 5 metres apart, so you can use them for recording in a large room.  Furthermore, the microphones come with foldable mini tripods (TR1).

Use case

  • Can be used for a conference in a large room.
  • Connection procedure
  • Just placing these microphones on both sides of a conference table enables sound recording with enough fidelity to determine speaker position. Differences in voice quality are also clearly captured.


Type Electret condenser type (ME30) x2
Directivity Omnidirectional
Frequency response 20 to 20,000Hz
Sensitivity -38dB at 1kHz (0dB = 1V/Pa)
Output impedance 1.9kΩ
Power supply Plug-in-power system (1.5 to 9V)
Plug 3.5mm gold-plated mini plug (mono)
External dimensions 12.2 (max. dia.) x 64mm
Cord length 2.5m
Weight Approx. 54g (body only)
Accessories Dedicated carrying case, mini tripods (TR1) x2, dedicated adapter (PA8)
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Omnidirectional and non-directional are used to mean the same thing.
  • Some accessories are included with the audio recorder while others are sold separately.  For details, see the corresponding audio pages.


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