Playback functions

The DM-720 includes a variety of useful playback functions for all business situations. Functions include Voice Playback, to skip non-speech parts of your recordings, Voice Balancer to ensure everyone in your recording is heard, and noise cancellation technology to remove unwanted ambient noise.

Create meeting minutes efficiently with Voice Playback

By using the Voice Playback function, you can skip non-voice parts during playback, and only play parts of the file where there is voice. This feature makes transcribing meeting minutes efficient. For example, if 70% of the recorded file contains speech, you can finish listening to a 1-hour recording in about 40 minutes. Once you finish recording, use Voice Playback to save time and improve playback for transcription.

Noise cancellation for clear playback quality

The noise cancellation function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient sounds such as air conditioner noise or projector fan noise to enable clear playback quality. This function is effective when playing back meeting recordings.

  • Recording containing background noise
  • Recording with noise cancellation applied

Voice Balancer delivers audio quality that is easier to hear

When voices are at different volume levels due to the distance and physical relationship to the recorder, the Voice Balancer automatically makes smaller voices louder, and ensures that louder voices stay below a given level, providing playback where everyone is audible. This comes in handy when recording sound sources from many positions, such as in a large meeting or conference. The voice filter function operates simultaneously, and reduces the prominent noise produced when amplifying small sounds. By eliminating the lower and higher frequencies during playback, recorded voice is further enhanced. This enables much clearer playback than the functions offered by our competitors.

  • Normal playback
  • Possible use of the Voice Balancer

Effective language learning through Speech Shadowing

Speech shadowing is an effective way to learn foreign language by repeating the subject right after hearing it. This mode helps you learn languages by having the audio playback, and then silently playback repeatedly, so you can easily practice speech. Simply set the part that is to be repetitively played back by indicating the position in the file where it starts and stops.

Create meeting minutes efficiently with "Transcription mode"

"Transcription" mode is convenient when you want to create minutes from your meeting recordings. While transcribing, it is necessary to frequently repeat play and stop to check the content. As such, when resuming playback, the recorder will automatically playback from 3 seconds before playback was stopped, so that you can easily review the content you need. The fast forward function is set to a preset 3.5x speed so that you can conveniently skip the silences in your recording. Furthermore, the Voice Balancer helps to normalise audio levels when recording speakers of different volume in a meeting

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