The recorder includes an easy-to-use interface, and convenient functions that extend your use. The DM-720 has a built-in USB connector with recharge function, expandable microSD memory, and voice guidance. A convenient clip stand attachment is included, to allow you to attach the recorder to a pocket or notebook.

Direct PC connection without a cable

The built-in USB connector can be easily deployed and stored using the slide lever. With this feature, you can connect directly to a computer without using a cable or software. Not only can you save and share your recordings, the DM-720 can also be recharged via USB without having to remove the battery, and the recorder can also be used as a USB memory device.

Attachment usable as both a clip and a stand

The recorder also comes with a handy clip stand attachment that can be attached to the rear of the recorder body. The clip stand can be attached to your pocket or notebook, or can be used as a stand to face the recorder towards the audio source, to reduce noise when the recorder is placed directly on a tabletop.

Voice guidance and other usability improvements

The voice guidance feature provides audio announcements of the recorder operating conditions in an easy to understand spoken human voice. For further ease-of-use, the operation buttons have been optimised to ensure that the recorder can be operated without having to look at the recorder display.

Select from 5 recording scenes

The DM-720 comes with recording scenes that provide preset settings optimised for different recording environments. When the "Conference" scene is selected, the Intelligent Auto Mode is enabled so that conferences can be recorded at the optimum recording level. By selecting the "Lecture" scene, the Zoom Mic function is used so that the voice of lecturers can be captured reliably. Further scenes include "Meeting", "Dictation", and "DNS" mode which is ideal for voice recognition. Using recording scenes will aid you in obtaining failure-free, high quality recording.

The File Divide function makes it easier to handle longer recordings

Recordings of long meetings with many topics, or audio files that are too big to send via email can be divided on the recorder without having to use a computer. This makes it easier to manage files according to the content, or divide files into a smaller size to send via email.

microSD card slot

The DM-720 includes a micro SD card slot that supports cards of up to 32 GB in size. You can select whether to use the 8GB of built-in memory or a micro SD card from the recorder menu.

File searching is easy with the Calendar function

Search Screen

Audio files stored on the unit are automatically organised by date. Because files are displayed in a calendar format, you can quickly find the file you are looking for by the recording date.

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