The recorder has many features for ease-of-use, such as "One-Touch Recording" that silently and quickly activates recording, and "Pocket" mode which is effective for recording a wide range of voices from your pocket.

Simple, instant operation with "One-Touch Recording"

Simply slide down the REC switch – the voice recorder instantly starts recording even when the power is off. The switch is located on the top of the recorder, which is convenient when recording from your shirt pocket. You can blindly operate the VP-10 voice recorder so that you never miss a conversation again.

Direct USB connection without a cable

The body of the VP-10 includes a built-in USB connector to let you connect directly to a computer merely by removing the cover. Not only can you easily save and share your recordings via your computer without the need for cable or software, you can also recharge the unit from the PC without having to remove the batteries from the device. The recorder can also be used as a USB memory device.

Five recording scene modes, including "Pocket" mode

At a simple selection from the menu, you can choose optimum recording settings according to specific scenes. Pocket mode is effective for recording a wide range of voices when the device is in your pocket. With Dictation, Conference, Meeting or DNS modes, you can easily capture fail-proof, high-quality recordings.

File divide function

The File Divide function is useful when you want to manage your recordings in a separate file. It is also handy if you would like to downsize the file before sending it via e-mail. (Only with Linear PCM and MP3 format files.)

Convenient clip attachment

Thanks to the sleek design and convenient clip attachment, you can simply clip the voice recorder to the inside of your shirt pocket, attach it to your notebook, or anywhere else to easily record without distracting the speaker.

For discreet recording

For discreet recording users are able to set the beep sound and speaker output to off. Furthermore, the backlight and LED can also be disabled to be less visible and distracting.

Compatible with AAA batteries.

The recorder is compatible with standard AAA batteries. Not only can you use the rechargeable batteries bundled with the recorder, you can also replace them with alkaline batteries, so you never have to worry about running out of power when out and about.

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