An impressive array of playback functions

The VP-20 is equipped with improved noise cancellation technology to strongly cut out background noise from recorded voice, and two new Playback Scene modes. "Transcription" mode is convenient for when you want to create minutes or notes from your meeting recordings, and the "Language Study" mode is helpful when learning a foreign language.

Voice Balancer delivers audio quality that is easier to hear

When recording contain multiple speakers, the Voice Balancer makes quieter voices louder and ensure that louder voices stay below a given level. This is especially useful when recording multiple speakers at different positions around the room, as it will amplify softer voices and reduce louder voices so that all speakers play back at the same volume.

  • Possible use of the Voice Balancer

Enjoy crisp, clear playback with Noise Cancellation

The world's top level noise cancellation technology has been made even more powerful, strongly cutting out background noise recorded with the voice. With the new algorithm, it allows a more natural voice reproduction while having an improved noise exclusion.

  • Playback speed cannot be changed when using the noise cancellation function.
  • Sound containing noise
  • Clearer Sound

Create meeting minutes efficiently with "Transcription" mode

<p>Language Study Mode is helpful when you want to practice your listening skills. In order to repeatedly check the content, reverse skip is pre-set to 3 seconds. Thanks to this setting, you will no longer need to hold the reverse button but a simple push will reverse for 3 seconds. Also the ability to conveniently skip through the recording enhances the learning efficiency. Forward skip is pre-set to 10 seconds while fast forward is pre-set to 2.0x.</p>

“Language Study” mode convenient for learning foreign languages

<p>"The Transcription Mode is convenient when you want to create minutes from your meeting recordings. While you transcribe, you would frequently repeat play and stop to check the content. Therefore when you resume, the recorder will automatically playback 3 seconds before, so that you can check the contents you need. On the other hand, fast forward will be pre-set to 2.0x so that you can conveniently skip the silence. Also, volume level of the speaker tends to differ in a meeting, so the Voice Balancer helps to normalize the audio level."</p>

Convenient Fast or Slow Playback

The playback speed can be adjusted between a range of ×0.5 (slowest) and ×2 (fastest). The ability to change the playback speed is particularly useful when you want to quickly playback meeting recordings, or when recordings need to be played multiple times.

  • Playback speed cannot be changed when using the noise cancellation function.
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