The recorder has many features for ease-of-use, such as "One-Touch Recording" that silently and quickly activates recording, and "Pocket" mode which is effective for recording a wide range of voices from your pocket.

Simple, instant operation with "One-Touch Recording"

Simply slide down the REC switch and the voice recorder instantly starts recording even when the power is off. The REC switch is located on the top of the recorder, which is convenient when recording from your shirt pocket. Without looking, you can operate the VP-20 voice recorder ensuring you will never miss a conversation you want to record.

Compatible with the external microphones

The VP-20 is equipped with a combined microphone/earphone jack that supports external microphones such as the Olympus TP8 Telephone Pick-up. The recorder can automatically distinguish between a microphone or earphone.

Direct USB connection without a cable

A USB built into the body lets you connect directly to a PC by removing the cover. Not only can you easily exchange the data between the PC without the need for cable or software, you can also recharge the recorder from the PC without taking out the batteries. Of course, you can also use it as a USB memory stick.

Self-timer function

The self-timer function allows you to automatically start recording by setting the time before you begin an interview or attend a business meeting. You can select the start time from 3, 5, and 10 minutes.

Search files quickly with the Date Search function

When you have a variety of files in the recorder, the Date Search function helps you select the target file easily and conveniently. You can access this function by holding down the Menu/Scene button. Use the Intro Playback function to playback the first few seconds of a file for convenient file recognition. Use Intro Playback along with Date Search for quick and easy file finding.

For discreet recording

For discreet recording, users are able to set the beep sound and speaker output to off. Furthermore, the backlight and LED can also be disabled to be less visible and distracting.

File Lock function

Accidental deletion of important recordings can be prevented by locking the file. Even if you perform the operation to delete all of the files in a folder, locked files will be kept.

Convenient clip attachment

You can clip the recorder with a built-in clip into a pocket or on a notebook.

Compatible with AAA batteries.

The recorder is compatible with AAA batteries. Not only can you use the rechargeable batteries bundled with the recorder, you can also replace them with alkaline batteries.

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