CSCH-123 Sport Holder

CSCH-123 Sport Holder

CSCH-123 Sport Holder

The separately available Sport Holder secures your camera to a belt or backpack, and allows Sport mode shooting without having to remove the camera from the holder When needed, the camera can be easily taken out with a single hand, and because it comes with a spiral cord, there is no need to worry about the camera falling.

  • Power supply, shutter button and face button (TG-870 / TG-860) can be operated even when the case is attached
  • Construction that makes attachment and removal of camera easy
  • Equipped with a belt to attach the camera horizontally or vertically
  • Can be used even in the rain or seawater
  • Equipped with snap link and spiral safety cord


Compatible model TG-6, TG-5, TG-4, TG-3, TG-870, TG-860, TG-850
Main materials polyester / EVA
Size Width (Length) 93mm
Height 138mm
Depth (Thickness) 50mm
Weight 66g
  • The camera is sold separately.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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