CSCH-126 Silicone Jacket

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CSCH-126 Silicone Jacket

CSCH-126 Silicone Jacket

This silicone jacket designed specifically for the TG-5 protects the surface of the camera from scratches. It also improves grip for a secure hold on the camera even in slippery situations. The LG-1 LED Light Guide and FD-1 Flash Diffuser can be used even when the silicone jacket is attached.

  • The camera cannot be stored in a camera case with the silicone jacket on.


Compatible model Tough TG-5
Main materials Silicone rubber
Size 113.5 mm (W) x 68 mm (H) x 36.5 mm (D)
Weight 20 g
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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