CBG-12 Camera Backpack

CBG-12 Camera Backpack

CBG-12 Camera Backpack

This is a high-capacity camera backpack developed specifically for OM-D users. Its large capacity allows storage of multiple cameras and interchangeable lenses, while its overall compact size allows you to carry it on board when flying. Its functional design helps reduce strain when being carried for extended periods and lets you quickly find necessary items. Towards the top of the backpack is a genuine Micro Four Thirds mount, appropriate for the camera bag of a true Olympus photographer.


Designed to reduce strain when carried for extended periods

The length of the back panel and thick shape of the lower back pad were calculated to evenly distribute the weight of the pack across the shoulders and waist to reduce strain on the body. The shoulder straps and waist belt are equipped with the same type of stabiliser straps as used on mountain climbing packs. These features make it possible to adjust the pack so that the load is balanced for your body. The chest strap keeps the shoulder straps from shifting as you walk. A mesh pad is used on the back panel to ensure proper ventilation and prevent sweating.

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    • How to fit the backpack
    • How to fit the backpack
      • Loosen all straps and belts before putting the backpack on.
      • Tighten the waist belt so that it is above your hip bone. If the belt is not in the right position, the load will not rest on your waist. Adjust the straps and belts so that the pack is in the correct position.
      1. Tighten the waist belt stabiliser strap. Doing so is effective for preventing the pack from shaking side to side.
      2. Tighten the shoulder straps. If the shoulder straps are too tight, the load on your shoulders will be too heavy.
      3. Tighten the shoulder strap stabiliser. Doing so lets your shoulders bear the load. Tighten the straps further when moving around a lot.
      4. Tighten the chest strap.
  • Designed to reduce strain when carried for extended periods
  • Mesh pad on the back panel

Plenty of storage space and a logical layout

This backpack has plenty of storage space in a logical layout so you can quickly access your items. There are various pockets located throughout the pack including inside mesh pockets perfect for storing smaller items. A convenient side door makes it easy to instantly take out a camera without having to open the entire pack, so you don’t miss a sudden photo opportunity.

Designed with functionality and expandability in mind

Every part of the pack serves a function, from the yellow inner lining that helps you notice if the zippers aren’t fully fastened, the water repellent fabric, to the tripod holding straps that can secure a variety of tripod sizes. The pack is also expandable, with fittings on the shoulder straps and waist belt for attaching separately available camera cases.

Storage examples

The pack is equipped with six types of internal dividers (total of 18) so you can customise the layout of the pack to meet your shooting and storage needs.


Main materials Polyester
Exterior Width (Length) Approx. 320 mm
Height Approx. 490 mm
Depth (Thickness) Approx. 230 mm
Interior Width (Length) Approx. 300 mm
Height Approx. 440 mm
Depth (Thickness) Approx. 140 mm
Weight Approx. 2.3 Kg
Capacity Approx. 20 l


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