How It Works

The power source charges the condenser with high-voltage electricity, which is then released from the flash tube when the shutter is opened. Light is fired for a brief moment, providing light with a colour temperature similar to daylight.

With a typical focal-plane shutter (such as what you get on the OM-D or Olympus PEN) positioned in front of the image sensor, the flash fires the moment the shutter curtain is fully open.

The maximum synchronisation speed is the fastest speed at which the shutter curtains are fully open at the moment the flash can fire.

Normally, the flash fires as soon as the shutter curtain opens, but it is also possible to shoot the flash shortly before the second curtain closes the shutter again.

Did you know?

Olympus was the first manufacturer in the world to use FP (focal plane) flash back in 1986. We currently call this feature Super FP Flash.

Standard flash and FP flash (high-speed sync).


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