High-speed Sync

This function allows you to use a shutter speed that's faster than the maximum sync speed. There's no shutter speed limit, so the aperture can be opened even in bright sunlight, allowing you to defocus the background and focus on the subject. However, because a flash uses more charge to fire brightly enough to illuminate scenes at greater distances, it requires more time to fully recharge to discharge again at that level, and for that reason, it cannot be used for continuous firing.

Did you know?

Normally the flash fires when the first shutter curtain is completely open. But when the shutter speed is faster than maximum sync speed, the shot is exposed while the first curtain is still in the process of opening and the second curtain starts moving. If you do this during normal flash photography, the shutter curtain is visible in the image.

Left: without high-speed sync. Right: with high-speed sync. Notice how high-speed sync allows you to defocus the green foliage in the foreground and background, with the focus fully on the subject.


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