TF-22 Twin Flash

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TF-22 Twin Flash

TF-22 Twin Flash

This twin flash allows you to perform macro shooting easily in TTL-AUTO mode when combined with the FC-1 Macro Flash Controller.

The flash heads can be fired separately or together. When fired together, left/right balance can be controlled in 1/3 EV steps. Diffusers are also included for each head. Equipped with an SR-1 shoe ring for individual control of flash head position and angle.


Controller Used FC-1 Macro Flash Controller
Characteristic of emission (with FC-1 Macro Flash Controller) Guide number (ISO100) GN11
Flash mode TTL-AUTO (controls the light intensities from GN0.7 to 16 in 1/8 EV steps)
MANUAL (the light intensity can be controlled from GN 0.7 to 16 in 1/3 EV steps)
Left-right light intensity ratio You can adjust the ratio between their light intensities with 1/3 EV step. Left-right ration 1:8 to 8:1
One-side flash can also be fired.
Firing angle Vertical: 50 deg., Horizontal: 55 deg. (single flash)
Mounting method Use the included shoe ring SR-1Attach it to the filter thread (67/72mm).
Illuminator Built-in four lamps
Size TF-22 (single flash): 73mm (W) x 50mm (H) x 39mm (D)
SR-1: 146.5mm (W) x 100mm (H) x 22.5mm (D)
Weight TF-22 (single flash): 105g
Code length Approx. 190mm
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