CSS-P118 Shoulder Strap

CSS-P118 Shoulder Strap

CSS-P118 Shoulder Strap

The CSS-P118 is made from soft and smooth polyester materials that allows this lightweight narrow (30mm wide) shoulder strap to be washed by hand (water temperature of 40℃ or less). Now you need not worry about sweat and dirt accumulating during use the camera in harsh environments. The strap is lined with microfiber for an extremely smooth feel, makes it comfortable to use even when wrapping the strap around a hand to hold the camera. Another washable strap, the wider 38mm-type CSS-P113, is also available.


Main materials Polyester
Size Width (Length) Approx. 1260mm
Height Approx. 30mm
Weight Approx. 25g
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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