GS-5 Grip Strap

GS-5 Grip Strap

GS-5 Grip Strap

Grip Strap for the HLD-10, HLD-9, HLD-8, HLD-7 and HLD-6 Power Battery Holder, aids the firmness of grip when the battery holder is attached to the camera, ensuring comfortable operation of the camera with easy access to buttons and dials. The battery and recording media can still be replaced even with the grip strap attached so you don't need to remove it every time. It can be used along with a shoulder strap so you can let it hang from your neck for convenience and flexibility.


Main materials Polyurethane
Size Width (Length) approx. 70mm
Height approx. 125mm (full length including the string 450mm (upper string 265mm, lower string 90mm))
Depth (Thickness) approx. 15mm
Weight Approx. 20g
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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