PPO-E02 Underwater Lens Port

PPO-E02 Waterproof Lens Port

PPO-E02 Waterproof Lens Port

This accessory makes it possible to use Zuiko Digital lenses for underwater photography.

  • The focusing ring is set to autofocus.
  • When shooting at maximum wide-angle, some distortions may occur at the edges of the screen.


Water depth and pressure resistance 60m
Supported cases PT-E01 / PT-E02 / PT-E03/ PT-E05
  • Note that the water depth/pressure resistance differs for each model.
Applicable lenses
Size(including maximum protrusions) Max. diameter 143mm x depth 105mm
Weight Approx. 650g
Box contents Grease for silicone O-ring, O-ring removal pick, front cap, rear cap, zoom gear
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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