PPO-EP02 Underwater Lens Port

PPO-EP02 Underwater Lens Port

PPO-EP02 Underwater Lens Port

This port employs an optical design which maximises the performance of the M.Zuiko Digital ED 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye PRO underwater. Compared with the previous model, the PPO-E04, the weight and diameter have been reduced by 30% and 15%, respectively, for a more lightweight and compact body.


Permissible pressure resistance Up to a depth of 60m
Supported protector PT-EP11 / PT-EP08
Supported lens System chart (PDF)
Waterproof construction O-ring side crimping method
Main materials Glass, aluminum
Size Φ148 x 91mm
Box contents PSOLG-2 Silicone Grease, O-ring remover, PRPC-EP02 Rear Cap, PBC-EP02 Front Cover
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