High-speed Performance for Capturing the Best Expressions

Touch AF Shutter, popular for its speed and ease of use, accurately captures the expressions of fast-moving subjects with its high-speed performance.

Touch AF Shutter lets you capture the exact moment you're waiting for

This model is equipped with Touch AF Shutter, so you can simply touch the subject on the rear monitor to instantly snap a photo of the subject. With a short shooting time lag and quick touch response, you can always capture the moment you're waiting for.

General SLR of the same class

  • Even when touching the monitor...
  • there is long time lag and poor response
  • A longer shutter activiation time means you miss your moment.

E-M10 Mark II

  • Touch the area you want to focus on
  • The short shooting time lag and fast response make it easy to capture split-second expressions

Focus exactly where you want and defocus the background

Simply touch the area on the screen you want in focus. Achieving background defocusing effects, characteristic of interchangeable lens cameras, is easy with this camera.

8.5 fps sequential shots for precious moments

The OM-D E-M10 Mark II is capable of high-speed sequential shooting at 8.5 fps. This feature lets you capture fleeting precious moments.

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