Creative Photo Functions

The OM-D E-M10 Mark II is packed with functions for capturing creative photos. Capture the rich personality hidden in normal, everyday scenes.

Art Filter makes any photo artistic

Art Filters expand your artistic expressions. Add creative Filters to both movies and still images.

Art Effects add another layer of flavour to Art Filters

Art Effects give a further level of depth to the appeal of Art Filters. You can create more stand-out pictures that match your shooting intentions and enjoy easily capturing creative expressions that go beyond your imagination.

Photo Story offers new forms of photographic expression

Photo Story lets you capture multiple images of the same scene in a single photo to tell a story. Using touch operations on the rear monitor, you can change the composition, add accents to colours, and combine multiple photos to create a single work of art.

Use Live Bulb/Live Time for light painting

This OM-D E-M10 Mark II is equipped with Live Bulb so you can create works of art by drawing light trails with a penlight, etc. You can confirm your progress on the rear monitor, making the process easier.

  • Live Bulb: This function keeps the shutter open while the shutter button is pressed, and closes the shutter when the button is released.
  • Live Time: This function opens the shutter when the shutter button is pressed once, and closes the shutter when it is pressed a second time.

Live Composite captures amazing starscapes

For scenes that get too bright overall when using Live Bulb, you can use Live Composite, which merges images using just the newly bright areas for beautiful light trails. As with Live Bulb, you can confirm your progress on the LCD monitor.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.


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